Areas of Research Interest

Millimeter and THz Wave Engineering (Electron Cyclotron Masers and other High Power Devices, allied sub-systems and quasi-optical transmission Components), Metamaterials, Fractals, Planar Antennas, Filters, Microwave Integrated Circuits, and Soft-computing in Microwave Domain.

Vector Network Analyzer

Anritsu Company, USA Make 40 GHz Vector Network Analyzer Model: MS46322B with frequency ranges from 1MHz to 8 / 20 / 43.5GHz.

Anechoic Chamber with Specifications

Chamber: 5 m x 2.8 m x 2.8 m (LWH)

Frequency Range: 800 MHz to 40 GHz.

3 Axis Receiver Rotatory Positioner system with VNA interfacing for Measurements from Antenna:

Ph.D.(s) Completed: 14

  1. S. Yuvaraj (ECE/2019): Investigations on Megawatt Class Sub-THz Wave Coaxial Cavity Gyrotron Oscillators.
  2. Savitesh M. Sharma (ECE/2018): Modelling of Multi-Gate, MultiFIN FinFET for High Frequency Applications ; Co-supervisor: Dr. Sudeb Dasgupta (IITR).
  3. Sukwinder Singh (ECE/2017): Analysis of coaxial cavity with triangular corrugations on the insert for gyrotrons.
  4. Gaurav Singh Baghel (ECE/2017): Investigations on multi frequency high power gyrotron oscillators.
  5. Leeladhar Malvya (ECE/2017): Some studies on MIMO antennas with diversity techniques for wireless applications; Co supervisor: Dr. R. Panigrahi (IITR)
  6. Jagannath Malik (ECE/2016): Compact UWB and MIMO antennas for highspeed communications.
  7. Amanpreet Kaur (ECE/2016, External Candidate from Thapar Univeersity): Studies on stacked patch antennas for WLAN applications; Co-supervisor: Prof. Rajesh Khanna (Thaper University).
  8. Pravin Prajapati (ECE/2015): Investigations on polarization agile planar antennas with defected ground structures; Co-supervisor: Dr. A. Patnaik (IITR)
  9. Jaswinder Kaur (ECE/2014, External Candidate from Thaper Univeersity): Multi frequency wideband microstrip patch antenna for wireless applications ; Co-supervisor: Prof. Rajesh Khanna (Thaper University)
  10. Arjun Kumar (ECE/2014): Investigation on Microstrip Filters with Defected Ground Structure.
  11. Ashwini Kumar Arya (ECE/2012): Design Study of Specific Microstrip Antennas with Defected Ground Structure; Co-supervisor: Dr. A. Patnaik (IITR)
  12. Narendra Chauhan (ECE/2009): Soft Computing for Design Applications of Microwave Domain; Co-supervisor: Dr. Ankush Mittal (IITR)
  13. Basudeb Ghosh (ECE/2009): Investigations on Fractal Apertures in Conducting Screens, Waveguides and Cavities; Co-supervisor: Prof. SN Sinha (IITR)
  14. K. Solomon Raju (ECE/2008): System Level Architectures and Optimal Mapping for Reconfigurable Computing; Co-supervisors: Prof. RC Joshi (IITR) and Dr. Chandra Sekhar (CSIR-CEERI)

 Ph.D (s) in progress:09 (broad topics given below)

  1. Kumar Goodwill (ECE): Modulated metasurfaces for printed antennas.
  2. Sambaiah Pelluri (ECE): Investigations on multi-functional microstrip filters.
  3. Alok Mishra (ECE): Electron optical system for specific high power gyrotrons; Co-supervisor: Dr. Anirban Bera, CSIR-CEERI, Pilani.
  4. Raj Kumar (ECE): Phased array antennas for communications.
  5. Surbhi Adya (ECE): Investigation on Second Harmonic Gyrotron.
  6. Debasish Mondal (ECE): High Power Gyrotrons and its allied Components.
  7. Aditya Singh Thakur (ECE): Metamaterial Inspired Interaction Structures for Millimeter/THz Wave Sourses.
  8. Ms. Suryarajitha Inapurapu (ECE): Design and Optimization of Smart Antennas for Communications.
  9. Mr. Avinash Singh (ECE): Millimeter Wave Circuits for Transceiver Modules.

M.Tech. (s) Completed: 45 (details given below)

  1. K. Venkateswara Rao (ECE/2019): Investigation on Specific Interaction/Propagating Structures for Sub-THz Wave Propagation.
  2. Priya S. Nair (ECE/2019): Metamaterial Inspired Multifunctional Antennas for 5G Applications (Co-supervisor: Prof. Amalendu Patnaik).
  3. Anmol Jain (ECE/2019): Dual Band Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filter.
  4. Delphine Alphonsa Jose (ECE/2018): Design studies on multi-frequency operation of triangular corrugated coaxial cavity gyrotrons and insert misalignment.
  5. Vibha Tripathi (ECE/2018): Modular metamaterial microstrip patch antenna for multifunctional applications.
  6. Mayank Parashar (ECE/2018): Helical antenna array for high power beaming.
  7. Anupam Mullick (ECE/2017): Shared aperture antennas.
  8. Pranayan Manna (ECE/2017): Design of UWB monopole antenna with multiple band notches.
  9. Neha Singh (ECE/2017): High impedance surfaces for antenna design.
  10. Nupur Sood (ECE/2017): Metamaterial and metasurfaces for antenna design.
  11. Tejas Laheri (ECE/2016): The multi-band filter design.
  12. Priyanka Bansal (ECE/2016): Design of MIG and RF behavior of megawatt class coaxial cavity gyrotron.
  13. Diksha Nagpal (ECE/2016): Design and analysis of ultra-wideband vivaldi antenna.
  14. Marampally Saikiran (ECE/2015): Improving the performance of LC VCO using threshold voltage control techniques.
  15. M. Srinivasulu (ECE/2015): Circularly polarized fractal antennas.
  16. Aditi Purwar (ECE/2015): Design Studies on MIMO antenna for LTE applications.
  17. Alka (ECE/2014): Investigations on a 95 GHz, 100 kW second harmonic gyrotron.
  18. Ravi Kumar Dhakad (ECE/2014): Studies on a 170 GHz megawatt class CW gyrotron operating in the TE28;12 mode.
  19. Veenu Kamra (ECE/2014): Study and analysis of parasitic oscillations in gyrotrons (Co-supervisor: Prof. John Jelonnek, KIT, Germany).
  20. GGK Murthy (ECE/2014): Study and design of circularly polarized antenna for wireless applications.
  21. Vishal Vasishta (EE/2014): Design, analysis and fabrication of dielectric resonator.
  22. Aswini Sawant (ECE/2013): Design study of a 42/84 GHz, 500 kW CW dual frequency regime gyrotron.
  23. Prerit Jain (ECE/2013): Design studies of a 30 GHz, 30 kW, CW second harmonic gyrotron.
  24. Divya Agarwal (ECE/2013): Design and evaluation of compact planar anatennas utilizing pattern diversity for MIMO wireless applications.
  25. Ramesh Patel (Physics/2013): PIFA antenna for wireless applications (Cosupervisor: Prof. R. Nath, IITR).
  26. Anish Goel (ECE/2013): Design and optimization studies of bandstop filters using specific DGS structures for WLAN applications.
  27. V. Paritosh Kumar (ECE/2013): Design of ultra wide band antenna with tunable notch.
  28. Parth Kalaria (ECE/2012): Design studies of a 170 GHz, 1.0-1.5 MW CW gyrotron for plasma heating.
  29. Nischey Grover (ECE/2012): Studies on planar antennas utilizing pattern diversity for MIMO wireless applications.
  30. P. Vamshi Krishna (ECE/2011): Conceptualization of a 95 GHz, 100 kW CW gyrotron.
  31. Jagannath Malik (ECE/2011): Design studies of microstrip patch antennas with specific metamaterial structures for WLAN applications.
  32. Harshvardhan Tiwari (ECE/2010): Studies on specific stacked microstrip patch antennas for dual-band applications.
  33. Ankur Aggarwal (ECE/2010): Study of fractal patch antennas for wireless application.
  34. Divya Goel (ECE/2010): Multi-objective optimization using evolutionary algorithms for computation intensive applications.
  35. Ragini Jain (ECE/2010): Design of a 60 GHz, 100 kW CW gyrotron for plasma diagnostics.
  36. Arun Kumar Sowpati (ECE/2009): Performance of printable antennas with different conductor thickness.
  37. Satya Priya Singh (ECE/2009): Studies on microstrip patch antenna using defected ground structures for wireless applications.
  38. Pankhuri (ECE/2009): Studies on full- and half- microstrip patch antennas for specific dual band WLAN application.
  39. Vivek Gupta (ECE/2008): Studies on microstrip patch antennas with defected ground structure.
  40. Sangam Pal Gautam (ECE/2008): Studies on specific microstrip antenna for WLAN applications.
  41. Prakhya Avinash (ECE/2008): Study and design of UWB M-shaped monopole and Vivaldi antennas for wireless applications.
  42. K. Swathi (ECE/2007): Design of aperture coupled microstrip antenna with L-shaped coupling slot for wideband circular polarization.
  43. Kshitiz Agarwal (ECE/2006): Design of a dual feed stacked patch circularly polarized microstrip antenna using a feed system on opposite side of ground plane (Co-supervisor: Prof. NK Agarwala, IITR).
  44. Purnachandrarao Gugulotu (ECE/2006): Design of multiple beam forming network with E-shaped microstrip patch antenna for switched beam antenna systems (Co-supervisor: Prof. NK Agarwala, IITR).
  45. Arun Kumar (ECE/2005): Studies on stacked patch aperture coupled circularly polarized microstrip antenna with slits.

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